The Festive season is full of smiles, happiness and many family dinners. Eating mouth- watering delicacies accompanied by fun talks is the highlight of this season. But, have you ever wondered how to set up a festive table? What components does a perfect dinner table for festivals and family gatherings include? And what kind of a festive table is considered complete and to the point? If yes, no issues. We have got you covered.
1. Simplicity is the key: Keep your dinner table simple and not crowded. Instead of adding fancy stuff to the table, only keep components that your guests would require during the meal. 
2. A creative centrepiece: A beautiful centre piece that adds to the mood and is loved on the dinner table. A pleasing bouquet is always the safest option, but the centrepiece must not be floral. Instead, it can be your creativity, like a bowl of beads, classic ornaments, berries, oranges. 
3. Candles at their best: If you have a mirror nearby, try placing long-stemmed candles for the elegant and warm vibes. And, if the candle placing is not suitable, you can cover the overhead light with a cream colour cloth for the same luxury and friendly vibes. 
4. Thematic touches: These are one of the most straightforward techniques to make the perfect festive table. If your dining surface is what you want to show off, glass plates and transparent candle holders will do the ideal job. Otherwise, you can create drama with designer and coloured crockeries and contrasting table linens and napkins, a perfect option. Let the sun spread its warmth for lunch and dinner, allowing the moon to do its job. For the final touch, freshly picked flowers are perfect. 
5. Colours: Blue tones are great for brunch, and to keep the vibe usual, couple it with a striped tablecloth. For a more festive occasion, the combination of red and gold-toned down with bits of white does the job, and if you prefer sparkle, bring it with a sequenced stole across as a runner. Also, classic white is always there to save the day. It can be jazzed up with a lace tablecloth and sparkly silver.
6. Details: Tiny details matter a lot. Make sure to use as few glasses as possible, limited to water, wine (or any other drink). Keep spares on the table that are easy to access, and if two tables are being joined, cover them with separate table runners to avoid spills. 
7. Final touches: Decorate the dining room chairs with scarves or ribbons that match the vibe. Further, you can leave small gifts for each guest, like a piece of chocolate!
March 01, 2023 — Kaunteya Limited
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