You are hosting a dinner party, and everything is to the T- the menu, table setting, food, and the vibe. A guest list has also been curated by you. Now the only job left is to invite those chosen guests. But how do you do that? What is the right way to invite guests over? The answer is simple. Mainly, the event's formality should help you decide. If the event is a formal one or a fancy celebration, then sending out personalised letters would be the best way. However, if the event is just a casual get-together, sending out general emails, texts or making phone calls does the job. Apart from the event's formality being a significant factor, there are other things to keep in mind.
1. Invite guests individually: Giving out mass or group invitations is always easy, but the better way is to invite each guest individually. This makes the guests feel welcome and that you wait for their arrival. But remember to give your guests some time or space to decide. If you do not get a response, follow up politely. 
2. Clear communication: Communication is the key. This fact cannot be more critical when inviting someone to a party. Whatever your invite mode, make sure to communicate well so there is no confusion. The date, time, venue, purpose, and overall event plan should be very well spoken.  
3. Be prepared at the time of guests' arrival: It can be highly stressful for you and the guests if you aren't prepared when the guests arrive and are still frantically running around either cooking, getting dressed or preparing the table. That said, preparing well in advance and giving yourself more time than you had anticipated is very important. In this case, you will be ready to address the guests well and put forward your image as a great host. 
4. Plenty of food: Always prepare more food than you need. A pro-tip to follow as a party host. The most horrible experience for any party host would be running out of food and, sometimes, even having to cook from scratch. Do not let this happen, and act smart by always having some extra quantity of food, or at least the basic preparations done beforehand. 
5. Attend every one you invite: One of the most common mistakes is that party hosts forget to attend and mix with every guest invited. Ensure you pay equal attention to every guest invited so they do not feel left out.
March 01, 2023 — Kaunteya Limited
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