A perfect way to bond is over a cup of tea. Tea and tales perfectly complement each other, building bonds and memories. Unfortunately, hosting a tea party can be stressful and, at the same time, fun and full of laughter. But the stress sometimes overdoes the fun, so how do you reduce this stress of hosting a perfect tea party? Here are some tips to help you out.

Tea Party Etiquettes
1. Tea Party etiquettes require you as a host to specify the date, time, location and any specific attire if required very clearly while inviting guests over. 
2. You don't need to provide a hostess gift, but loose tea is always appreciated, and avoid placing too much food on the table because a tea party requires snacks to complement the tea and not complete meals. 
3. Only pick up your saucer when you are standing. To do so, ensure you are holding your cup in one hand and saucer in the other. 
4. Avoid leaving spoons on the saucer or the table, as tea quickly leaves stains on linens.
5. Do not place the sugar spoon in your saucer.

Setting the Table
1. The first step is to find a perfect table cloth. For instance, you can play with colours, themes, and textures or choose simple, crisp linen.
2. The teapot should be placed near the host regardless of the table's shape. This way, it is easier for the host to serve tea to guests.
3. Sugar packets and bowls should be scattered evenly on the table for everyone's comfort.
4. The table should have a teapot, tea cups, saucer, sugar, teaspoon, snack plate, napkins and other utensils that are required for refreshments. 
5. You can also create place cards to avoid any last-minute confusion.

Appropriate Tea Party Food
1. Tea party food should be consumed with the use of minimal utensils. It should be snacks that accompany the tea and not a complete meal. 
2. Some popular tea party foods are sandwiches, cakes, scones, and muffins. 
3. Softer and more sweet desserts are placed on the top level of the display.
4. Avoid serving items that are too heavy.
5. To accompany your tea selection make sure there are various sugar alternatives
available. A few prominent ones are honey, jaggery, and brown sugar. 
6. Offer a variety of teas and not one specific tea.
March 01, 2023 — Kaunteya Limited
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